These are the advantages of using micro gear plastic mold

  In the daily practical use of industrial gears, the advantages of using micro gear plastic mold are as follows:

  1. The quietness and rust resistance of micro gear plastic mold are recognized advantages in the industry. These characteristics are very important in food processing, medical equipment and chemical processing industries and consumer applications. In addition, plastic gears have many other benefits. Advances in materials and manufacturing technology are narrowing the performance gap between plastics and metals in gear applications.



2. Many gear types can be processed with plastic as a raw material, including spur gears, bevel gears and worm gears. When determining whether plastic gears are suitable for a particular application, the key factor is the environment.

3. The contact type of micro gear plastic mold and metal gear under load is also different. Metal gears are mainly in line contact, meshing one tooth at a time. However, plastic gear teeth have involute surfaces that deform under load, which distributes the contact pressure over a larger surface and allows contact between adjacent teeth. This provides load distribution between the gears and helps increase the service life of plastic gears in certain applications, especially those with high impact loads and relatively low continuous loads.

4. Lighter weight plastic gears means they have a lower inertia ratio (compared to metal gears), which is essential for aerospace and some military applications.

5. Although there are many types of plastics suitable for gear applications, the common ones are nylon, acetyl, polycarbonate, polyphenylene sulfide and polyurethane. Although the addition of glass fiber can improve the rigidity and thermal conductivity of some materials, it will also reduce the fatigue resistance of the material. As far as machining is concerned, plastic gears can obtain better gear strength and lower cost through injection molding.