LED optical lens - should LED lamps be equipped with lenses?

"A sign to judge the quality of LED lamps is whether there is a condenser lens. If there is a condenser lens, it must have a good light type; if not, it is the type of astigmatism and poor light.". We often see various patterns on the Internet. Sometimes it is difficult for friends who buy LED headlights to distinguish between true and false. The tips on lenses mentioned just now are one of them.


So, does the LED light have to be equipped with a condenser lens, and what are the advantages and disadvantages after matching? Let's talk about this topic today. Unfocused solutions.

Three elements of LED car lights. Brightness, spotlight and installation. In the case of low output power, satisfactory brightness should be obtained as much as possible; in terms of condensing, the emitted light type is good, and the paving feeling is good; it is easy to install and heat dissipation. In fact, these three elements are also applicable to other car lights.

Xenon lamp has technical advantages that halogen lamps can't match, but it also has a huge flaw, that is, it does not focus. It is best to use a point light source to condense the light, because it emits 360 degrees, and the light pattern can be effectively made through the lamp bowl; but the surface light source is difficult to concentrate, so LED automotive lamps, like Yishida, must be processed by various technologies , To narrow the gap between the lamp beads to make it as similar to a point light source as possible; Xenon lamp is more difficult to condense light than LED, because it is the arc light emitted by the current passing through the high-pressure inert gas in the quartz tube, similar to lightning. This kind of light is more irregular and willful!

The advantages and disadvantages of LED optical lenses.

Many car owners think that car lights with lenses are smart and energetic, but they don't know that there are advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, although the lens is just a convex lens like a half glass ball, when light passes through it, due to its internal structure, loss will occur. Compared with a lamp without a lens, no matter what brand of lamp you are, it will generally lose about 30% of its brightness, but after a long time, the lens will generally be covered by dust. The old lens tested in the laboratory can only reach 40% of the original brightness! And it is difficult to clean.

Secondly, its installation cost is not cheap on the market. If it is not the original light, some areas will be regarded as illegal modification by the traffic police.

Third, for LED lamps, its light-emitting mode is not like xenon lamps. As long as the industrial design is excellent, its luminescence is close to point-like luminescence. Relying on the lamp bowl, the pattern, parallel emission and uniform coverage of the light can be well ensured.

Fourth, the lamp bowl without lens has almost no light loss, so the brightness of the LED lamp in the lamp bowl can play a greater role.

Fifth, because it is a convex lens, it will inevitably have a focusing effect, which may burn out the interior of the car light assembly, such as burning out materials such as car light decoration panels.

So, riders, if you are using a xenon lamp, there is nothing wrong with using a condenser lens. It is necessary to use a lens. But if you use LED lights, don't replace them at will, especially when your own LED lights have a good light pattern, you don't need to install bullseye to avoid waste, light loss and unsafe factors.