Introduction to the processing process of LED optical lens


1. Our company can not polish and polish the LED optical lens. The purpose of polishing is to wipe off some rough materials on the outer surface of the optical lens, so that the optical lens has a preliminary model.

2. After the preliminary polishing is completed, finish polishing the LED optical lens, measure the R value, and remove surface impurities.

3. After polishing twice, polish the LED optical lens. The polishing operation can make the appearance of the optical lens become delicate and smooth.

4. After finishing the polishing operation, clean the optical lens, mainly to remove some impurities outside the optical lens after polishing.

5. After the powder on the outside of the LED optical lens is cleaned up, the trimming operation is started, and the optical lens of the optical lens is polished according to the outer diameter of the required lens.

6. After finishing the trimming operation, coat the optical lens with a layer of film. There are many colors of the film, and the film operation can be carried out according to the needs. It can be coated with one layer or multiple layers.

7. After finishing the coating operation, apply ink on the optical lens. Its function is to prevent the lens from reflecting light, as long as the outer edge of the optical lens is coated with black ink.

8. After finishing the inking of the optical lens, the final optical cold working process is started, that is, mold clamping. Use special glue to glue the two optical lenses together. The R values of the two lenses need to be opposite, while maintaining size and balance. The outer diameters are equal.

Optical lens polishing

Need to use polishing machine and polishing powder at the same time. In the polishing process, the polishing time and polishing pressure of the optical lens must be determined. The optical lens must be determined quickly after the polishing operation is completed. Clean the lens, otherwise some polishing powder will remain on the lens and cannot be removed.